Matthew Taylor

Chair: Matthew Taylor is a Soil Scientist with the Waikato Regional Council, New Zealand.

Dr Taylor started as a technical trainee the Soil Bureau, the Department of Science and Industrial Research, in 1981. He developed an interest in the fate of elemental contaminants found in fertilisers, which continues to this day as a member of the NZ Cadmium Management Group. Research specialties are soil quality and diffuse contamination. Working for local government is different from working directly in research. Daily tasks are information broking to a wide range of customers from public to central government and SoE reporting, investigating the effectiveness of policy and plans, land use and land use change on environmental properties and function, and identifying and prioritising emerging issues. Current or recent activities:

• Monitoring regional soil quality and diffuse contamination

• Collaborations with Universities – current or recently completed work:

o Auckland: Microbial community analysis as an environmental monitoring tool

o Waikato: Novel isotopic tool for tracing fertiliser-Cd from soils into the wider ecosystem

o Massey: Assessing the fate of Zn (mainly from facial eczema treatments); trace metal induced antibiotic resistance; the accumulation of F in soil; Cu and Zn impacts on soil urease activity

o Canterbury: Effectiveness of riparian planting with Manuka on pathogen death and inhibition of denitrifying bacteria; (lead by Landcare Research) background concentrations of major and trace elements in NZ soils

o Braunschweig (Germany) Fate of trace elements from inorganic and organic fertilisers; Enhanced weathering of soil minerals.

• Collaborations with Research organisations

o Landcare Research: S-MAP (mapping soils in the Waikato region to 1:50,000 scale) Soil Health project, Ecosystem Soil Guideline Values

o Plant & Food Research: Rootzone project, Measuring N mineralisation project

o Foundation for Arable Research: Protecting our Groundwater

o Fertilizer Association: Current state and trend of cadmium levels in soil, freshwater and sediments

o Cawthron Institute: Emerging Organic Contaminants – managing the risk for a safer NZ environment and economy

• Technical contributions to the New Zealand Cadmium Management Group and supporting the implementation of the NZ Cadmium Strategy

• Technical advice to Central Government, local authorities, Councillors and staff at Waikato Regional Council, universities and research organisations, industry organisations and the public.